Plaza Catalunya

As a final recommendation, it is advisable to walk much around the city and soak up its streets and hidden squares. One can take years to live in the city and discover even beautiful sites that had not been. Take precautions? Barcelona is, in general, a fairly safe city, you can move without fear of being assaulted or robbed. However, as in any big city, There are many pickpockets who are concentrated in the more tourist areas and public transport. If you walk down the Ramblas (highly recommended), have your belongings, very handy because it is one of the areas with more pickpockets in the city. Although there is enough monitoring, daily thefts of wallets or bags of clueless tourists occur, take precautions and you won’t be one of them.

When you travel on public bus or metro, it is also recommended that controls especially your belongings, as pickpockets can leverage the crowd to put your hand in your purse or backpack. For the rest of the city, not you must obsess you with the topic of pickpockets, just take precautions when you sit in a terrace. Never leave the bag to the neglect or it could disappear without realizing. If you would like to move? To move around the city you can use public transport, Barcelona has an extensive network of subway and buses running on a very extended hours (there are even public transport during the night). It is a quite modern public transport and has air conditioning, it is a good way to move during the hot summer. The TMB website contains detailed rates, but to give you an idea, a 10-trip pass costs about 7-8 euros, and on each trip you can catch various transports using the transhipment.

This means that if you have to catch the subway and two buses to reach a site, you only count as 1 of 10 trips. Taxis can be somewhat expensive, especially at night, however is a very used by the city transport and find them also at all hours and practically everywhere. Another option is to move around the city rent a motorcycle or a bike, is a very cosmopolitan city, so if your idea is to move you in a private vehicle, we recommend these two options. Discard used the car in the city, parking is scarce and expensive for cars. You will find many companies that offer good price of bikes and bike rentals. To come and go from the airport, you can use the commuter train (leaves every 30 minutes and the trip takes about 10 minutes), or else the bus, somewhat more expensive than the train. Both services depart from Plaza Catalunya and from other points in the city. Final comment: If you come to Barcelona, the best way to discover the city is by mixing you with its inhabitants, explore the different neighborhoods of the city on foot and discover the different facets that can show you the city: its most hectic facet, his artistic side, his playful side, etc.