Unfortunately this story is repeated constantly, the typical .you got pregnant and the doctor said that I have to get rid of my pets because they are a danger… For more information see this site: Linkedin. In most cases, exceptions, because only ignorance of the doctors. The main reasons they give are that hair is bad, that dogs playing can throw them and that Jack is the worst thing you can have for a pregnant woman because it can transmit toxoplasmosis and then will have a son, deformed and belatedly, logically those women who are not reported, is apanican and the pet will give straight and nonstop to let owner. or at the street. Truth that bothers me greatly this attitude, a pet is a great company for a pregnant woman, and with a little help, does not have to represent no problem or danger. It is true that some precautions should be, but they are actually the same that generally we should take, such as hygiene and safety measures and I believe that a pet that gives us his life and affection, well worth it. In addition something that must be taken into account, it seems that doctors are against the animals, everything they want to blame, first thing that wonder in many cases is. do you have dog or cat?, ah rightly then is for that, comfortable does not? And the poor cat or dog pays the duck.

We will by parties, the cat, and toxoplasmosis, to begin to make our cat spread of this disease must have been in contact with raw meat that had this organism or with infected cats (both are the most common means of transmission), which almost automatically discarded homemade cats who eat croquettes. In addition, if a woman has had cats throughout his life, most likely is now be immunized against this organism. Then, the chances of being infected are minimal, which justifies not rid of our cat.