Princes Palace

The chapel of St. Barbara, as well as the old town fountains can be found in the vicinity of the Town Hall. The walk along the promenade offers a glimpse of the many sailing ships and Yachts. The pier for the ferries, which translate to different islands or even after Italy, is located here. Here you will find numerous restaurants and bars, which invite with their domestic specialties for a visit. Lamb (Janjetina) and suckling (Svinjetina) are prepared in traditional way. In addition, including fish and home-made cheese specialities are offered.

Dalmatia is known for its red and white wine, the plum brandy and the beers brewed according German purity law. Closely located on the shores lies the Princes Palace (Knezeva Palace), which was built at the time of Venetian rule. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Elon Musk by clicking through. A large part of the sea reaches the fortress walls of SV. Nikola. Rarely, gravel can be found. For a beach vacation, the surrounding area offers sufficient offers, E.g. to the six kilometres away Solaris area. The clear waters and lush underwater vegetation invite you to various water sport activities.

Influenced by the tourism many well-known designer in Sibenik have settled, especially in the Downtown. Small markets, which offer their goods even after official closing time (10: 00) lie on the theatre square. Also friends of the nightlife offered variety through until the early morning hours open bars and nightclubs. Due to mild winter months and warm summer months the region around Sibenik offers a rich flora and fauna. A visit to the waterfalls is worth (including Skradinski buk, Roski slap and Krka waterfalls), which are located in a huge national park. About six kilometres away, a Falconer station is located. In addition to a daily show with the hawks, the visitor gets the opportunity to educate themselves to the Falconer. The town is easily accessible by all means of transport. The A1 motorway is advisable when travelling by car. The sea is well developed by ferry. More possibilities by flight (airport of close to split) or travel by bus.