Professional E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing offers small and medium-sized companies a great opportunity for a targeted advertising each company strives to achieve long-lasting contacts with its customers. The Internet, this goes only with a mix of entertaining and at the same time meaningful content to convert these customer contacts in purchasing actions. We speak of so-called social network communities, whose growing for specific target groups will be in the future more and more important. Strong brands of great importance are also online. So, creatively designed banners to a large extent affect the Viewer. Bill Phelan may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The most important online advertising tracks are email marketing (including response) and the affiliate marketing. Email marketing advertising via E-mail can be very successful. A modern and above all cost-efficient advertising opportunity is to advertise via a newsletter for the own business idea and to attract customers, special offers, contests or promotional periods. But not everything is allowed. Some cost traps are to work around and jurisdictional issues exclude. How well professional E-Mail Marketing? The benefits are effective advertising success control, because the results are immediately measurable, stressed Ole Albers, head of an agency for email marketing in Hamburg. You could immediately understand what user has responded and thereby create a core target group.

The effect of newsletters is however often overestimated. Keyword response: 1,000 E-mails obtained typically two reactions. The response (return) is very high in the first few days, then reached the peak and then continuously declines. The amount of feedback depends of many factors, as the address in the email or the attractiveness of the product. Usually, response rates vary very considerably and are between 0.1% and 45%. Applies also when the email marketing: the smaller the niche of the market, the higher the identification with the shipper. The messages in newsletters should be short and concise. Is particularly important in addition to the sender address (here the receiver should be unique Conclusions can drag) the text in the subject line. Customers include many times by the quality of the E-Mail text on the quality of the products. E-mail messages that personally speak to the recipient are even better. For a successful email newsletter, the following factors play a major role: easy registration, high degree of personalization, good design, interesting content and offers. How to get email addresses of potential customers? Either via a registration form on your own website, sweepstakes or download offers. Also at trade fairs provides opportunity to collect customer addresses. However”, so Ole Albers, the user must be pointed out, that its address is used for email marketing.” You should regularly provide the customers with newsletters, but not overwhelm him. every two weeks or once a month is sufficient. On the legal situation: not everything is allowed in newsletter advertising. So only people should be written, which is also have agreed.