Professor Pan Tszychana

New research into high performance materials, as a possible alternative to diamonds used in industry. Experiments of Chinese and German scientists. Until recently, the diamond, which is essentially a crystalline carbon, considered the most stable mineral, if not in the universe, at least on Earth. The carbon atoms are fused to it so tightly that you can only scratch the crystal by another diamond. In the early 19th century. Austrian scientist F. Moos There are 10 minerals in order of their hardness.

Since they are used as benchmarks relative hardness of minerals, called Mohs scale. The hardness of diamond stones in this ranking, which is equal to 10, is a how-to reference, and from She repelled in determining the hardness of the other substances. However, recent news forced to reconsider preconceived opinion, and along the said scale. Chinese scientists have discovered just two of the natural material which are much stronger than diamond. The group, led by Professor Pan Tszychana of Shanghai University, at the level of the structure of atoms investigated two minerals – wurtzite boron nitrite and Lonsdale. Experiments have shown that lonsdaleite stronger than conventional diamond at 58% and 18% for wurtzite.

As reported by news of the day, both materials occur naturally in very small quantities, but they can be recreated artificially. Technologically, it is extremely difficult and energy-intensive process. At the conclusion of scientists from the University of Heidelberg (Germany), repeated the experiment of Chinese colleagues, despite the exorbitant rates of strength, new materials will not be able to press the diamond. So, the end of the World 2012 in the drilling industry comes barely-there: there are substantial grounds for believing that it simply will not accept new materials because of their high cost of production or manufacture. However, this does not mean that new Minerals will take place only on the shelves scientific museums – already robust pipeline of cheapening of production. Who knows, maybe diamonds will soon have to settle for a status of 'best friends girls "and severe drillers move to a more serious stones.