Publisher Rove Different

Made nothing more than directors of EDITORIAL ROVE (, a fledgling Publisher with a promising future, but in the end, those interviewed: Lucas Moltrasio and Diego Corradini. So I leave the interview starting with a question that asked Diego to contact first with him: you are the director of the publishing house? DC: Yes, and next to Lucas Moltrasio went to ROVE, being also the director and both partners equally. We currently divide us the direction of the Editorial into two large areas, on the one hand the edition of the magazine IT, which leads her forward Lucas and for my part the address of the Publisher in general. Although our way of directing is talking and agreeing the possible paths to follow, being permeable both to different ideas that we raised continuously. Why you’ve decided create a Publisher? DC: The decision was in conjunction with Lucas, both felt that the publishing world could be different, that publishing a book had to be different and that in the 21st century, the technology and the telecommunications could be a bridge to a new way of doing and read a book. I think the publishing world is changing, slowly internet crept and came to stay, I think that publishers in the coming years must adapt to readers educated, demanding, adapted to multiple platforms of reading (physical books, e-book, multimedia books and I advance to the future: books in 3D and holographic). Reading is an experience and ROVE comes to occupy a space thinking in the information age as a launch platform and innovation as a means of continuous improvement, while staying attentive to classic technical publishers. Reader and author must be at the Centre of any strategy of an editorial, ROVE this walking a path in that direction, and above all with the current method of self-publishing try to be democratic and enable readers to become the main jury of the writings.