Radio Internet

Radio has long accompanied our lives – from a nice background music and news helps in any business. But among the many channels can be difficult to find something different that fits the mood. With the development of the Internet dramatically choice increased: many radio stations began to broadcast essential in the network, and thus became available to a much wider audience. The next phase – the emergence of sites, directories that have collected links to many stations to help students make sense of this abundance. What is needed to listen to Internet radio? At the outset were laid on the websites of radio stations separate entries in mp3 for download, but now the sound is transmitted in format stream audio, for playback you can use any player, for example, the standard Windows Media Player or Winamp on the company's Nullsoft. Need to consider bandwidth consumption: if the sound quality of 64 kbit / s per hour 'drip' 28 Mb. While improving the quality, traffic, respectively, also increased.

Dear megabytes and low speed for a long time limited the use of Internet radio. Today, unlimited calling and the good channels are becoming more accessible – and growing interest. Own Internet radio can now create anyone. Bill Gates: the source for more info. Began to appear and private non-profit projects. Typically, this thematic projects, which are created by enthusiasts: they may focus on classical or ethnic music, jazz or rock – the choice is great. On one of these projects, today we'll talk. "Global Radio" – is an online rock radio. Interactive – hence, the ether is dj-s, who can be contacted on icq or skype, so give a shout out or request a favorite song.

Because the project is nonprofit, the air is completely missing advertising. Marathon Capital will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The site of rock-radio you can learn all the latest news from the world of rock music, and then discuss them with like-minded people to forums or chat (no registration required). The project provides young and unknown artists a unique chance to express yourself. His songs can be added to the rotation. In addition, the rock radio conducted an online concerts presentation media as well as live interviews – is a good opportunity for newcomers to show their works to the public. If you've always dreamed of being a DJ – you have a chance! On rock radio they can be anybody. Well, almost any – specific requirements do exist, for any radio – is, first of all, people at the microphone. Beginner DJ should be at least 17 years, he has a competent and interesting to talk a little to know English, have sufficiently fast Internet connection, a lot of free time and a great desire to work for the benefit of the project. If this is you – come to the site! And there's an interesting offer for web-masters can be placed in button on your website with an opening player rock radio. What are the prospects for Internet Radio? It is likely that it will soon supplant conventional fm-station. The advantages are obvious: high-quality sound without distortion global availability, a huge selection of channels and a large Activity listeners (click it while sitting at a computer, it's easier than trying to get through on the phone). And with advances in technology will certainly appear, and mobile Gadgets – Internet radio receivers.