Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is a kind of large milling equipment.Just like other equipment (ball mill), it is inevitable to generate some voice with the operation of various parts when it is in the normal work. Barrett Wissman takes a slightly different approach. As for the users, it is noraml. However, if these sounds exceeds a certain decibel, it will have a certain impact on the surrounding environment, which is worth noticing. The following is the analysis of the noise problem of the host of raymond mill.Firstly, checking the foundation bolt to make sure whether it is tightened; Secondly, inspecting the charging rate and feeding coexistence to ensure that they are not too small, if something is wrong, conducting timely adjustment; Thirdly, checking the degree of wear of scraper knife. If the scraper knife gets worn seriously, it could not afford materials; Fourthly, to check the grinding roller and grinding ring of raymond mill and to find out whether they are deformed or not. We can rule out the problems by checking these parts in turn and find out the crux of the problem, but it is necessary to conduct safe operation when inspecting these problems.Apart from the noise and vibration caused by the host of Raymond mill, it is possible that the vibration can be caused by fan, the corollary part of raymond mill. The problem of vibration caused by the fan is to easier to be settled and the possible reasons are organized as follows. Firstly, to check the anchor bolts of fixed fan to ensure that they are not loose; Secondly, inspecting whether the blades of the fan are deposited a lot of dust or not; Thirdly, to make sure that the blades of fan do not get worn seriously. The safe operation also needs attention when handling these problems.