Recruitment Firms

Why don’t they do the headhunters and recruitment firms? It is becoming increasingly more common to use the expensive services of this type of companies when it comes to an engagement, although the benefits tend to be much lower than the high costs associated. Firstly, the truth is that one cannot understand how it is possible to hire a CFO, a CEO, a director of sales and others, who tend to be profesiogramas highly complex and placed full responsibility on critics of the company processes, someone can outsource a selection process and trust something so extremely critic considered factor strategic in this type of companies that work even with the competition. It is difficult to explain, especially if we bear in mind that these large companies that use these services tend to have own human resources departments. Secondly, I have checked numerous times that when the company’s selection sent candidates, who feel facing a CEO or a CFO, or Director, if well they have passed many tests of personality and all kinds, it turns out that subsequently they have no knowledge of the area management especiifica and do not possess a qualification technique that fits the job. The question in this case is basic, as we are sure that the person who presents the company really knows accounting or processes or is able to master an ERP?. Simply we don’t know until the selected person confronts with his pc in his post, i.e. hiring this type of companies does not guarantee that we can cover a post with a good professional.

Third, the image of coldness that transmit these companies of selection, the candidate carries a picture really negative of the same, in fact I have known candidates that if they have had a position of responsibility have terminated contracts with these companies and have stopped using their services. With the times which unfortunately run today in day these selection stand at ease and companies constantly belittle well-qualified candidates, and enjoyed a very low reputation especially among young people. Therefore I cannot guarantee much less use of these companies in personnel selection, rather they are the closest to traders in people.