Regulation Posters

Only no employee who had the list was there, then up supporters should pull a number and are back on, and wait until they’re, which lasted over an hour. Then dates with the election authority, the community should be, agreed what was done, then in the short term have been changed. Despite commitment outside of talk time signatures of supporters to afford citizens rejected before the town hall”, as Macedo. According to 32 para 4 No. 12 Brandenburg municipal election Regulation (BbgKWahlV) is obliged without delay to meet the tasks assigned to it, the Deputy National Electoral Director of Brandenburg Mrs Behrend told us the electoral authority (Schonefeld)”, adds Macedo.

But that was not all still a long way. Now the harassment began really”, says Andreas high vocals. On August 11, 2008 we started our posters to set up. Konigs Wusterhausen we taught the road traffic authority about our project and the Ministry of urban development, housing and Transport Division 5 believed due to the generally available road on 21 May 1999, Ministry of infrastructure and spatial planning today, we did everything right”, high vocals on recalls. First 12 posters that hung from the Town Hall, the municipality demolished without until about in knowledge to put or property were up again to hand over.

Other posters followed. Then against the until a right available with immediate effect raised, with the threat of a high penalty, for contravening. UP was called upon immediately to make an application for a special use permit to remove their posters with the support from public buildings, intersections and traffic signs facilities. Interestingly the requirements set forth fully by the Administration in the correspondence with the up never but only gradually, so that the up several times the always again also formulated regulations to adapt the posters placed in the community had. As we had requested that you explained to us, still under threat of punishment and the immediate removal of all our posters, we may provide only 150 locations within the municipality of Schonefeld with our posters”, outraged Christian Hentschel. At some point, we could take then also these hurdles. Also the required signatures of supporters for us had entered”, Holger Schadtle is white. But what now offers to the citizens and citizens of community Schonefeld a sight, should be the management to Dr. Haase actually immediately intervene. Posters of all other parties and constituencies, including the Mayor of violate the regulations of the community. These posters hang on traffic sign masts, at intersections, at road junctions and some see signs to confusingly similar. Others hang way prohibited on painted light poles, or within a 30 M demonstration-free zone”to public service buildings, such as schools, day-care centres, Town Hall, fire brigades, youth clubs, etc. On request of the municipality informed until quite some time ago, she’ll intervene promptly. Until today, nothing has changed. On the contrary, there appear more and more posters of political competitors in non-approved places. “Now the question is us, why is measured with double standards here?” asks Andreas high vocals. “Why they previously not told us how to proceed we could together hang out, that the Mayor Dr. Udo hate to prevent, but want to keep probably small”, Hamilton accuses.