Research Students

The students learn how to review and present the results of research – from reviews to discuss a group of students and conference presentations. Note that the more often the results are discussed in the different composition of the classroom, the better for its author. Especially productive discussion groups, where several Students worked on a similar topic research. Here are found the greatest opportunity for productive discussion. Correcting for stage of training research students usually there is a return to one of its stages to improve certain operations 2, 6, 9, 10. Analysis of experience with students shows that at this stage, the addition and clarification of any of the above characterized stages, for example, clarification of objectives, more detailed description of results, etc. In accordance with a program of research expertise that the students in the course of research data teachers actively use in the educational process in the form of illustrative material, obtained by the students themselves. This reinforces the perception, making class (lecture, seminar), more emotional and deep in terms of study of the regional component, contributes to a better understanding of specific issues.

Formation of the research competence of students of the military institution, of course, depends on the practical application of acquired knowledge, so that a comprehensive program of student training, we have developed, taking into account the material and technical base of the university, in which students conduct their research, decide specific tasks. Experience has shown that in the process of forming this competence increases the amount of real knowledge and skills of students in accordance with the educational program of the university. References 1. Go to Cindy McCain for more information. Andreev, VI Heuristics for creative self-development. Kazan State University, 1994.

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