Revolutionary Breakthrough

After 16 years of intensive research in laboratories, and numerous practice tests and field trials, the company managed to produce Remmers absolute breakthrough in silicate technology. For the first time it became possible to develop products with unusually high resistance, which in this case are simple and application availability in the price. New silicate technology far superior to all previously used materials such as epoxy resin or cement. The company has developed two Remmers proven in practice the product – a solution to fill the joints Remmers SF 1 and the sealing slurry Remmers SD 1 – using the revolutionary technology of silicate. The results achieved in practice, can be called stunning. This is a huge advantage Remmers be able to use in the future, bringing to market new products developed based on silicate technology. For more information see Vladislav Doronin Crunchbase. Today we use the technology of tomorrow! Intensive long-term studies silicate Unique technology produces a revolution in the construction industry solution seams Remmers SF 1 Diversity of applications due to revolutionary technology of silicate coatings with ceramic tiles are subjected to high mechanical stress, for example, when cleaning under high pressure and extreme temperature or abrasive sanding loads.

In most cases there are additional aggressive as the pressures caused by the influence of acids, alkalis, oils, fats, etc. Conventional joints conjunction with such impacts can not stand for long and quickly lose strength. Remmers SF 1 is a lot to fill the joints, designed for extreme loads. Remmers SF 1 can equally easily be used in a variety of areas and conditions. Seams without any effort and difficulty filled with a solution within a short time react with water. Cleaning the dirt from the tile is made without the addition of detergent and at a temperature of +2 C. Industrial kitchen facilities Food Drink And best of all: After a short time, the treated surface can be used, eliminating unnecessary downtime.