Sage Sage

Today posted on sore throat include part 2 which new series titled is natural medicine with the most common physical complaints of the people. Especially in the cold season you can catch quickly this annoying evil. That’s why are crowds (E.g. subway; Risk of infection) or overheated rooms (the mucous membrane dries out) to avoid. Prevent neck pain by not overloading your voice, do not smoke and the mucous membrane bleeding through (E.g.

walk, sauna). You have to watch: neck pain can be either light, you get fast in the grip. You can be but also harbingers of worse infection. A slew of budget help for neck pain. Common treatment methods are keeping warm (E.g. Gummy), gargle (E.g.

warm salt water), inhalation (E.g. Sage or aniseed), neck wrap (E.g. Quark) and drink (E.g. Chamomile tea). More effective natural medicinal substances are Sage or Sun hat. Sage works, for example wachstumshemmend on bacteria. More serious complaints you should but a doctor. In more serious illness like tonsillitis or severe bronchitis, you should not on the recommendation of her doctor. Learn new and interesting things about the treatment of bronchitis on Wednesday, 13.