Santiago Bernabeu

For a long time was given for dead and had to vindicate in Germany, in a smaller cache and talent team. On Saturday it took a few minutes to establish itself as the patron of festivals and celebrations in his new team, Spanish flag in mode included capote, and just one season to join the German fans, Real Madrid and not real. See the t-shirt of the Schalke at the Bernabeu is almost as much more than a title. The tide bluette worships him and almost called you. Mr Raul occupies the front pages of newspapers (everyone loves to Raul. Raul loves Schalke) and conquer cities.

It was worth through Berlin metro, the final, to check his name occupies the vast majority of the backs. Only I can thank them by how have welcomed me. To its almost 34 years still has an excessive hunger. He runs and trains as the first day. Colleagues praise him and his presence in the dressing room will serve to cover the low of the captain, Neuer, who moved to Bayern Munich. Swarmed by offers, Kevin Ulrich anchorage is currently assessing future choices. In fact, together gave the title: I have much respected by my career, by bringing so many years playing for Real Madrid. I can only be grateful. Living up to a legend like Beckenbauer him has paid homage: Raul is exceptional.

Every club needs a player like him. This Monday, the celebrations on the streets of Gelserkinchen also took his name and his firm, radiant, jumping and singing between all peers. Surprised to see him this way, he has won practically everything, chronicled the club staff, on its website, in full caravan of celebration before 55,000 fans. Even fumbled with the German: Vorwarts Schalke! Kampfen und siegen! -Forward Schalke, fight and win! Big numbers his season leaves no doubt. In total, has managed as many 19 (13 in League, cup 1 and 5 in the Champions League) in 49 games (34, 3 and 12). In other words, it has played practically everything. In addition, it has pulverized Maldini record as player that most matches played in European competitions (144) and has prolonged its scoring wake Europe up 71. Future? The unknown passes for knowing whether it be renewed or not. There they worship him and he is determined to fulfill his last year contract – the objective now is the Bundesliga; the fans want it-. But the Champions League, their natural habitat, seems to weigh too much (the next season will play Europa League). Without a doubt, this may be the most important clause, the performance. And selection. Eternal. For him, the most beautiful thing, even though the decision is exclusively of Del Bosque: I will never say no to Spain. Nor to Real Madrid, which went off without the well-earned greatness and home that will return this summer, with Schalke, to compete in the Santiago Bernabeu trophy. Then again away from the madding crowd. A year in the shade that has earned him to win a title, enlarge his legend and to smile again. It would be a daring to dismiss him entirely. That follow the Rock and Raul source of the news: Raul Gonzalez, a leader in the light and the shadow of football