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The most common lie is that for which one lies to himself, the lie to another is relatively rare case. F. General Nietzsche, is significant considerations reading as many companies have managers who have graduated from School of Administration where many, as well as suffer from theoretical and practical knowledge that current demand scenarios, suffer from ethics, commit acts of corruption, lend themselves to manipulation interest that undermine the values, not only personal but business they serve. Why is that? What is the cause? How does this affect the organizations, businesses? What to do about it? What measures should be considered to prevent this from continuing to give?, Would be some questions that require answers and determine the present reality of the role of business schools in the training of its graduates, managers are needed for companies unfold successfully fulfill their responsibility social ethics are secured and where its leaders are asset managers, today more than ever is required to prevent further corruption by increasing and affecting those who demand their services within a competitive, honest, with products quality, capable of meeting the needs expressed by consumers. There are many reported cases in which some managers act without morals, ethics, interests looking for damaging over the same organization where he works. Of course, there are several causes that lead to this situation, including: the absence of disciplinary actions, complaints, social justice, where there are serious flaws in the applicability of the law, distrust of the courts Many do not act with all its severity, the fear of reprisals, revenge, lack of knowledge of what constitutes the scope of ethics, morality, due to poor integration of these skills in the university curriculum of many schools, such as administration; Lack of ethics in the conduct of authorities, teachers, lack of such dynamic colleges that prevail enforce their code of ethics; atmosphere of corruption that manifests itself in the same country where many government agencies.