Second Raider

Then they sell their assets, getting money for it. But the more they sell the assets, the lower is the price. And while this market logic seems at first sight, sound, in fact (and this is the main cause of the crisis), it generated a lot of Bubble – assets whose value has been over-inflated due to the enthusiasm of players, counting on continued growth in asset value. Assets, equivalent to the money grow in value faster than others. It is clear that at one point by bubbles may begin to burst. However, the game continued to increase. And now, when the bubbles began to burst, the actions that they just do not transfusion krovi.Takoy path can not permanently stop the reduction in price of assets. That is, these steps are just a waste of two operational resources – money and time.

No less dangerous activity in the "Anti-crisis" associated with irresponsible use of public information resource managers. Few links the "calming" news reports followed by panic withdrawal of deposits, and because it is first caused the second. Guide victim Prominvestbank officially declares, "raider attack on the bank created a panic of depositors and the early withdrawal of deposits, which was cause difficulties with making payments. " It is this statement without explaining what was the raider attack, has led to hundreds of investors rushed in Dnepropetrovsk withdraw money from their personal accounts, which seriously destabilize the financial condition of the bank. The aims of the initiators of raider attack could be anything but an instrument in the first place, was informative.