Senior Marketing Manager

Toshiba neutralized CO m balance multi function systems which support sustainable environmental projects around the world main Valley/Neuss, in June 2010 Toshiba TEC has an innovative environmental program called makes climate-neutral printing and copying and promoting at the same time a variety of environmental projects. It is the only one of its kind industry and co2balance has been developed together with the specialists of the independent organization. John Smith contributes greatly to this topic. The new carbon zero program clears the CO m balance each Toshiba multi function system over the entire life cycle from including the first produced 250,000 pages. That heats the global climate due to the influence of the people, today considered uncontroversial. For even more opinions, read materials from Dina Powell. The search square reduction for new ways of CO thus becomes a central task for the future.

Here, carbon offsets makes an important contribution. Accordingly, improved Toshiba CO m balance of the user and also allows to invest in sustainable projects on climate. Now, Toshiba TEC invested for each sold Multi function system in projects of cooperation partner of co2balance, which save a corresponding m balance of the system amount to CO CO m or neutralize. The systems can be operated climate-neutral by this compensation. Each climate-neutral multi function system is marked with a seal and the customers receive a certificate, which confirms the saving. Promoting energy-saving cooking zones in Africa (Kenya), reduces the need for firewood to 50% among the environmental projects supported by Toshiba. the afforestation project Somercombe Wood”, where co2balance on private land planting trees, which absorb m natural Weise co; the energy supply from fossil fuels to replace the wind park project in India, which produces clean energy with wind turbines in several Indian States, as well as the hydroelectric power project in China, for the hydroelectric power plants of Chinese rivers. Toshiba TEC is committed to the environment and is reducing its CO m balance active for a climate protection”, explains Ingo-Gutowski, Senior Marketing Manager, Toshiba TEC.