Seo Campaign

To succeed with search optimization engine is a function of understanding of the fundamentals. Search engine optimization consists of two different disciplines. Other leaders such as Julian Brown offer similar insights. The first is called optimization page, which makes it on their websites, in order to succeed, and optimization of the page. By the dominance of these two areas of optimization, you can succeed in the search engine and improve the marketing of articles. In order to be successful with your long term search engine optimization efforts, always start with the page optimization techniques.

On page optimization refers to all related to his website this and web pages from a search engine optimization perspective. This includes factors such as age web site, the URL, the meta tags, links page, etc. It is important to begin with the optimization of the page, since it ensures that your pages will be recognized by the search engines. The starting point when thinking about optimizing page is with the URLs and the general structure of your web site. The reason why you want to start here is because the address is one of the most visible aspects of a web site.

However, I would warn that you it’s also put much emphasis on domain name since it is only a part of the optimization of game page. It definitely helps with Yahoo and MSN, but not so much in Google. A good way to implement a strategy of subdomain and increase the marketing of articles is through the evaluation of your keywords and the identification of a small handful of sub-domains. Select your most important keywords, configure them as sub-domains and concentrate its efforts on a higher level with direct links to their sub-domains domain. This ensures that its sub-domains crawl on a regular basis and appear within search results.