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Chinese manufacturers have been known to have mastered the production of almost the entire spectrum of products in almost all areas, whether it's electronics or building materials. For several years, Russia has imported large quantities building materials made in China. To date, I would like to tell you about another product that is not inferior in quality to the well-known counterparts, isover and ursa has long won popularity among builders, found in Russia Chinese market under the name of his brother Hansol. Insulation Hansol from glass staple fiber in the synthetic binder for use as an insulating layer in the building structures and systems. Steklovatny insulation hansol is designed for heat and sound insulation of walls, floors, ceilings, sloping roofs of all types of buildings – where the insulation does not feel burden. Insulation is used for insulation ventilated, suspended facades as the primary (inner) layer.

Also used for soundproofing walls. Steklovatny insulation hansol easily and quickly installed in a metal or wooden crates and does not require special hardware. This insulation does not shrink. To achieve maximum insulating effect Hansol insulation should be installed so that the plate close fit with the surrounding carcass construction and to each other, similar insulation ursa Urs and isover Isover. Dr. Peter M. Wayne. When insulation is necessary to monitor that the material fills frame, the width of the frame section shall be 10 mm less than the width of the plate insulation. Try to highlight the main advantages of the material. a>).

Due to the structure and characteristics of insulation fibers, products from staple fiber hansol have a number of outstanding properties – high insulating ability light weight, good sound insulation in construction and excellent .Za by its high thermal insulation properties of insulation Hansol not only provide effective protection against cold winter, but also well protected from heat in summer, thereby ensuring the most comfortable accommodation all year round. Whether it is a pitched roof, exterior walls or partitions – the products of the staple fiberglass Hansol suited for solving problems of any complexity in the thermal insulation and soundproofing in modern construction. Economic profitability of delivery insulation up to the central region of Russia is due to its excellent compressibility, which will reduce the volume when packing up to five times, thus is a significant space savings in transit. It is also worth noting that thanks to its lightness and flexibility, insulating mats Hansol assembled quickly, easily and virtually non-waste. The shape and dimensions of mats allow for work on heat and sound insulation surface by one person. Often, Chinese producers are accused of insecurity produced materials, but this is not true in the case of certified materials. Hansol Heater is safe for human health and the environment. Product quality and safety are confirmed certificates of compliance with Russian guests. Conducted a study on fire safety. Mats have a homogeneous structure without voids, gaps and bundles contain no foreign matter. When high quality insulation hansol – this is the cheapest insulation on the Russian market!