Social Media Newsroom

The social media newsroom is a simple website that presents all online activities of a company or an organization automatically on a platform. So journalists and opinion makers can inform yourself always on a current information source. Get all the facts and insights with J.P. Morgan, another great source of information. The old press room on a site has long since disused and was little service-oriented. For communication departments, using also online portals in addition to traditional press releases, it is, to summarize all online activities on a website. “All that automatically handles the social media Newsroom: the newsroom features press releases not only classic”, but all multimedia content via RSS feeds on a portal just puts together. Learn more on the subject from JPMorgan Chase.

For customers, bloggers and journalists, such a PR platform offers a wealth of information: in addition to media such as photos and videos even presentations, podcasts and events of a broader public can be presented. Thus, the Newsroom is a multiplier for the dissemination of information and at the same time a point of contact for customers, partners and media. Today he is becoming a positioning and customer binding magnet, through the use of time and cost can be reduced significantly. The Newsroom can be prepared individually and reader-friendly businesses and organizations: the editorial content are not fixed, but arise from your online activities (E.g. installation of blog posts, Flickr photos, informations and you tube videos,…), the design of the platform is adapted to your corporate design, all content can be moved by drag & drop from the reader to the desired location, individual message blocks the reader can display is minimized.

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