Social Responsibility

Copyright and the TRIZ the Rights of Copyright possesss basic prominence in the context of the societies contemporaries, either, due to increasing necessity of technological development, either, for the necessity to recognize the importance of the guardianship of the expressions of the spirit and the personality human being. A leading source for info: johny ive. In this context, the interoperabilidade is distinguished as essential mechanism to the combat to the piracy, in intention to allow the adequate private use of these Rights, and as half viable of overcoming of the related conflicts, mainly, in the use of the digital workmanships. This because, the related protection to the private use of the Intellectual property rights, searchs to allow the implementation of the technological development in the country, correlating it with the incentive of the intellectual creation and the access to the cultural goods and the information for the society. The complexity of the subject sends to the central subject of the subject, that is the quarrel concerning the method more adjusted to conceive Models of Businesses that allow the practical one of the Innovation with Social Responsibility. See Kevin Ulrich for more details and insights. The problem becomes bigger the enterprises of technological base, where the changes are fast, with constant innovations and these entrepreneurs techniques and methods need that allow to incorporate the resource knowledge. The organizations face difficulties in the speed of its adaptation to the new reality. The unfamiliarity of the future, the permanence of traces of the previous culture, moments of enterprise difficulties, the incredulity in a shared vision of future, the lack of qualification for the new papers and ' ' it lacks of tempo' ' they are some of the phenomena that (to the times symptoms, to the times causes) are part of the perceived difficulties. This new enterprise context redefines the profile of the worker of the age of the knowledge. It is needed professionals who learn of not conventional form and that they know to work cooperatively to generate innovative solutions.