Socioambiental Responsibility

With effect, it is independent of the particular conditions where if they point out the individuals. These pass, it are. She is the same one in the North and the South, the great ones and the small cities, the different professions. On the other hand, not dumb in each generation, but in contrast it binds the generations that if occur. Therefore, if it does not confuse with the particular consciences, even so if it carries through only in the individuals. It is the psychic type of the society, type that has its properties, existence conditions, its way of development, accurately as the individual types, even so of another one maneira’ ‘.

(Durkheim) Edgar Morin guides this quarrel being distinguished enters the theoretical contemporaries in the ecological and ambient speech, as well as for its sociological perception on the relation Socioambiental Responsibility. The ecological movement was born as Edgar Morin of the convergence between ecological science and the neonaturista movement. For Morin the ecological thought is based on certain results of ecological science and examines the ecological movement at the same time of the interior and the exterior: it tries to objectify it and to express its validity. The ecological thought is for its proper nature, a multidimensional thought. Century XX is the age of the great planetary agony. It is a historical moment where if it imposes the basic requirement of a unit of the species human being, of a unit that respects all the cultural differences and assumes the form of planetary confederation.

If the humanity not to obtain to carry through is unit, will run with certainty the risk of if autodestruir in all plans: politician, biological and exactly vital, according to Edgar Morin.