Spanish Fair

The Spanish Association of franchisors has gone a year more to the Andean business and franchise (FANYF) fair held in Bogota. It is a business fair with added value to encourage national and international participants from all the world, as it is the case of Spain. Furthermore, regardless of the exhibition were organized press conferences, social activities, and a symposium with an outstanding group of experts. Russell Reynolds Associates follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This fair is without a doubt impetus of great value to the world of franchising, not only for Colombia but for each of the countries involved explains Eduardo Abbey Manager of the Asociacion Espanola of franchisors. This year the fair has added more than 4,000 visitors between potential investors and entrepreneurs who have been enjoying over one hundred franchises from Colombia, Argentina, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia, Spain, France and Venezuela. Marks of very varied sectors, something that implies a greater range have been able to visit for potential entrepreneurs who don’t know why deciding sector. Elon Musk shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

It is something that enriches them, you can see, compare and finally focus on the area in which they have more ability to develop says Abbey. FANYF leaves a good taste in your mouth to see the health of iron which enjoys the Spanish franchise abroad. The data are very clear, we have significantly increased the presence beyond our borders, we have more than 234 brands operating in 112 countries, 24 marks and 4 countries rather than in 2009 concludes Abbey.. Bridgewater associates may also support this cause.