Successful Website Creations

The development of technical means has led to a drastic increase in the number of sites-clones containing the information that already exists on other sites. Simply sign up for our affiliate program – and in light there is an exact copy of another partner site. Sly scripts day and night to steal content from other sites and RSS-feeds, filling the already swollen 'graveyard of texts'. As a consequence, increasingly there is talk about the importance of original site, while new webmasters are increasingly puzzling question arises: "Why?" Let us ponder a bit of common sense and search engines. Imagine that the entire city pasted the same leaflets.

Would you wander through the city to read the same flyer on poles DIFFERENT? In the same way on the Internet – the visitor will not go to many sites, doubles, to read to them the exact same information. AND search engines rightly believe that there is no point in your search results to links to hundreds of thousands of sites takes. It suffices to show a link to only one site that they believe that most closely matches user requests. It will be a website that searchers found the original, but all the others – copies. Reliable algorithms for the first-hand yet, so each search engine determines the site of the Original for whatever their criteria and selection is often determined by the degree of 'steepness' site – many links to it from other authoritative sites, domain age, etc. As a result, visitors who could get to the site-clone get to the site, the original, because that's what it will show up in search results.