Swedish Emperor

Completely alone, the Swede gave tomorrow enough to advance over ancient Protestant territories without suffering excessive casualties. Almost without resources, in the midst of a hostile population, his forces managed to break in a short time all Pomerania and developed batteries into the zone of Magdeburg, which took in July 1630. The next target of Gustavo was, predictably, the Palatinate. The fight was bloody, but the larger craft of Swedes became the Plaza in less time than expected. Even the count of Tilly, while attempting to Ford the River Lech, died in the operation. Shore, Fernando II feels a humiliation physical after again calling Wallenstein, who returns to the battlefield without leaning to pray,. However, the call of the formidable general would bring a number of conditions that only the imperial need would accept. Wallenstein, although sereno, petrifico the proud emperor asking him absolute and conditional domain of army, complete submission of the emperor to their military orders, immediate revocation of the edict of restitution and keep for itself the dignity of elector.

All his conditions were accepted and the Czech returned to appear as general of the Baltic and oceanic for then Swedish Emperor seas, and its nearly 60,000 men, sagacious seized the main treasures of the Catholic churches and started an disaster war such that for the winter of 1632, the situation became almost untenable. Wallenstein, reported the following scenario, again summoned the forces that previously accompanied him but the meeting of those was tedious company and time was what less owned. Wallenstein then did call urgently to the Commander of the detachment of Cologne, general Pappenheim, coming to meet relatively superior forces at least in this way the winter morning of November 16, 1632, both armies were finally found. The battle of Lutzen, was about to start and with its outcome, would decide the final course of the 30 years war. All the countries of Europe were the expectation.