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Jorge Etcheverry

The poet of the first part enters the social surroundings become the eye that in exercising his gaze distance and subverts the gaze of the reader who made temporary accomplice in turn runs these instances of life social/personal/institutional/policy of a world which if presented with another style endowed with excesses of the expression and the […]

Plaza Catalunya

As a final recommendation, it is advisable to walk much around the city and soak up its streets and hidden squares. One can take years to live in the city and discover even beautiful sites that had not been. Take precautions? Barcelona is, in general, a fairly safe city, you can move without fear of […]

You Take The Rejection Personally

One of the reasons why women who embark on business feel guilty, so are coaches, artists, REALTORS roots, someone in sales directly or enterprising virtual (to name some ventures) is take the rejection personally. For me, when I started to look for options to develop my own business, I was questioned by almost all members […]