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Senior Agronomist

By the way, the most expensive way and 'grapes' are often not very productive. Cabernet, one of the most hit sorts, in Odessa, , Mykolaiv region and the northern Crimea average 'gives' 90-100 kg / ha without drip irrigation and about 120-140 kg / ha with drip irrigation. And such varieties as Sauvignon, Aligote (under […]

Ongoing Work

There are five main types of ongoing work with clients. Let's get acquainted with them: The first – a periodic or repetitive work. It looks like a bargain when the client is working in a seasonal business, or when the client takes part in several promotional shows in certain seasons. Thus, it is how they […]

Experts Abroad

Abroad as an expert, who has passed state exam, can immediately start to work, while our doctors after the institution should get a bunch of certificates, including certificate for disinfestation and deratisatioin But such rules, and do they not get away to start? If you have the hands-free 40 thousand dollars, you can contrive an […]