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New Commercial Total Solution For The Mac

Now even Apple users can manage their finances with the new Web-based Intrexx Financials can now write companies via browser bills and determine their profit – in the Office, in the Home Office or on the road. Fribourg, March 31, 2011. United planet offers a software suite with Intrexx already for years, with whose help […]

New Cloud Security

So cloud computing does not become at risk for enterprises, employees must be made aware accordingly. Munich/Augsburg, 24.07.2012. According to Rich Holmberg, who has experience with these questions. Practical cloud computing services like dropbox or iCloud in our private collection often take without that we have thought really, what does this mean: where is the […]

Online Wawi

From the billing software the online shop maintain an elaborate thing is to maintain the online shop since you do work usually double, because the merchandise management system up to date to remain. So it would be good if both were linked. Can the online billing PHPW. PHPW now also with integrated shop interface is […]

Is There An Alternative To CeBIT?

viitex 2011 – the first internationally oriented virtual IT trade fair on the Internet is the most famous and most important IT trade fair in Germany, at the start next to the CeBIT, there are about 10 more IT fairs with partly different focuses. While over 2,000 exhibitors are represented at CeBIT, I.e. the masses […]

North America

Part 2 of the genius project management quiz tells you inside. Lindau, Germany may 29, 2012 the popular project management quiz by genius inside is experiencing a revival. Today project managers and their teams can demonstrate again their abilities. The first part of the quiz’ was published in January of this year and was already […]

The German Federal Office

courts – obligation by US firms, which operate in the EU, the high standards laid down in the data protection directive to abide by. TeleTrusT is confirmed in the presumption, that sensitive data in servers of American provider is unsafe within the meaning of the local understanding of privacy or correspondence. TeleTrusT recommends the use […]

Klaus Hendlmeier

New tablets can do a whole range of everyday tasks, therefore its use also of environmental consideration is always meaningful. Stuttgart October 2012: Mobile devices were more and more in everyday life. Whether it’s mobile devices offer several advantages in comparison with fixed PC notebook or tablet, eBook. So energy efficiency expert at the TuV […]

IT Department

Bayer AG opts for ZipMail from MK Net.Work not infrequently, important software projects in medium-sized and large enterprises fail on the complicated rollout of client-side software. Official site: JPMorgan Chase. With Lotus Notes in the major hurdles remain in many companies. The available software distribution systems such as SMS, Tivoli, InstallPump handled most of his […]

Allot Communications

Is high-performance traffic management solution ‘ application acceleration product of the year’ Schorndorf, July 29, 2008 the VAD sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is pleased to announce that the British trade publication Techworld has awarded the sysob partners of expand networks with the Techworld award. The manufacturer of the traffic management prevailed product […]

PdfaPilot In Alfresco Integrates

Users of open-source software Alfresco can comfortably convert your Office documents in PDF or PDF/A compliant files now. Berlin, August 7, 2013. An integration of the callas pdfPilots in the enterprise content management platform, created the Alfresco Gold partner Redpill Linpro, has enabled this. The integration is free of charge under github.com/Redpill-Linpro/pdfa-pilot-converter available. Go to […]