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“Biggest magazine Europe is dedicated to the author of the book a portrait of Ellwangen a such fantastic book so far on the market still not there.” Furthermore all agree, which previously used the chance, the Numerology Advisor under the spell of the numbers”to read by Jarmila Meissnest. No wonder that Germany’s first step for […]

States Publisher

This book informs in detail about the cooling solutions available on the market and their pros and cons treating cooling even unusual and rather rare in practice. The book convinces by a profound expertise, an objective, clear and easily understandable presentation, as well as involving the latest technological developments and test reports. Here, even the […]

Information And Knowledge

To work successfully with the information flow will define some basic concepts. (A valuable related resource: Bill Phelan). But first answer the question: Why do we need information? To obtain knowledge – the first response suggest themselves. Why knowledge? For achieve our goals. Objectives can be very different: it is professional growth, the acquisition of […]


“Why a successful non-fiction author of the Lebenshilfe ‘ from above is recommended with help yourself, God help you” Wolfgang Rademacher presented a guide book of a very special kind: practical, realistic spirituality for everyday use. No matter what adversity just block whatever the life path with the correct, say: constructive intellectual setting, the commitment […]

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Henry Remak defines comparative literature is the study of literature beyond the borders of a particular country in and the study of the relation between literature and another area of knowledge or opinion, including art, painting, politics, sculpture etc, the comparison of literature with another one or others, and comparison of literature with other spheres […]