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George Bernard Shaw

Continuing the best traditions of the English drama, and having absorbed the experience of the largest masters of contemporary theater – Ibsen and Chekhov – art show opens a new chapter in the literature of the XX century. The main weapon of struggle against social injustice Show elect laughter. Whenever Michael Bloomberg listens, a sympathetic […]

The Love

The love is as the air that passes shyly and nor in we give account to them. It is as the stars that when penetrating of the night go appearing and to the step that shines, the night goes walks and when they perceive, it is hour of leave against its wills. It is as […]

The Alice

JOO: – And that already he has one two children for there. One with the Celestial one of the Carmensinha, that I know. Disembarassed one exactly, embucha son of the others and later wide. DOLORES: – Ah! , my son, coitada! pra where it was with this Caiado? JOO: – He dials had been pra […]

The Glasswares

He was determined! Creusalinda was discredited obtains same, but not it enough time so that it took something serious. She was a child, and still it found favour of the things that happened to it. It did not have reasons to complicate. 3 If they had been plus some days and Creusalinda pparently did not […]

When Kon

_ _ Venha, small lady, gives to its mo gentily said it to me with a smile and the extended arm. _ _ We would not forget our guest special. It gives its hand to me, appositive that the others already are in waiting. Marko Dimitrijevic accident might disagree with that approach. It does not […]


In this point, it speaks of Widower, who took such name, as much for infancy nickname, as well as for its condition of widower. It speaks of the beauty of widower, its fine suits, its perfume. After the death of the husband Widower it started to frequentar more the church, coming close itself to the […]

Europe Person

To only think about hearing you touches me music in the soul (PERSON apud MOISS, 1998, p.69, 71 and 75) They are diverse symbols that confirm, throughout the text, the influences of the theater carried through in the Europe in the initial years of century XX, even so, these same symbols, collaborate, in direct way, […]

Rio De Janeiro

Everything occurs in some hours of an only day of the life of Elvira, the freedom sensation happens after three hours the escape, however it lives of moments in the past presenting the told psychological time in history. The twelve years of marriage which it returns at some moments, in one of them she compares […]

The Limit

Already in this first phrase of the story, the narrator denounces the atmosphere that will permear all the structure of the text: the doubt and the uncertainty. This impreciso, in relation what really it happened in the night of the mass of the rooster, is strengthened diverse times in elapsing of the story: ‘ ‘ […]


The new publication of the ZMG demonstrates that the newspaper long is much more than the image that has the public by you. Frankfurt am Main, 14 September 2012. The newspaper believes everyone to know, finally there for more than 400 years a proven medium. On closer inspection, it reveals but quite another side: because […]