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Production Quality Control

Except of products and production to be evaluated on the parameters of stability of production and quality control by inspectors for certification in certification systems scfs and GOST-R is noteworthy that the system Certification scfs requires mandatory certification of fire protection. The absence of such a certificate makes it unlawful use of a flame retardant. […]

Wall Paints

Painting of walls is one of the most popular options for finishing. Not surprisingly, therefore, that the proposal paints today are so wide that without specialized knowledge to understand it very difficult. Pinterest has similar goals. The objective of this (and subsequent article) – to give basic information about these finishing materials. How can decipher […]

Diamond Production

It is necessary to perform the opening in the concrete wall? Without noise dust and vibration? No problem, if you have a diamond tool. diamond drilling and cutting more than half a century, are used in the construction industry and have themselves equal. Diamond tool is able to penetrate the multimeter openings, performing them perfectly […]

Business With Windows

The figures degrees thermometers in many homes are directly depending on the time window for the coming year. Old old window frames no longer able to inhibit Bang seasonal weather. Who like a long work on sealing the cracks in our window frames. Every year you have to do the same thing to your home […]

Building Heat Engineering

For building materials limit moisture sorption varies widely. If you would like to know more about Hyundai, then click here. At 00C the lowest limit of moisture sorption has mineral wool w0 = 0,13%, and the largest timber-w0 = 15,7%. That's why they say that the wood 'breathe', and not because it passes through the […]

Similar Brands

Chinese manufacturers have been known to have mastered the production of almost the entire spectrum of products in almost all areas, whether it's electronics or building materials. For several years, Russia has imported large quantities building materials made in China. To date, I would like to tell you about another product that is not inferior […]


And indeed, the classification standards are based only on two parameters, namely: The method of forming, which can be: A: EkstruziyV: Pressing the porosity, which is determined degree of water absorption. Check with Andrea Mallard to learn more. For these two parameters tiles classified in 9 groups, for example, BIa, AIIb, biii, etc. (Table 3). […]

Aluminum Sheet

Corrugated sheet of aluminum One of the types of sheets of aluminum is corrugated aluminum. Corrugated aluminum has a dull rough surface and a convex pattern. Corrugated aluminum is used as a floor anti-slip coatings, refrigeration, tuning cars, as well as in design view. Corrugated sheets of aluminum are also used in food and chemical […]