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Federal Republic

In a first step, the sender using the algorithm from the writing to be signed calculates a unique number, known as the hash value. As long as the document remains unchanged, the same algorithm generated always the same hash value. Then encodes this hash with the private key that only the sender knows. Now, the […]

CEO Media

First expert forum in Germany on the topic ‘ media target group women ‘ Berlin, illuminated July 9, 2009 – almost 20 percent of all the magazines advertising investment flow into woman title. About one-third of the 100 most important journals in the retail comes from the segment of women’s and entertainment magazines. Of the […]

Managing Director

Consultancy looking for creative minds for the locations Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Wiesbaden interview with Klaus grimmer, owner of kg-u consulting specializing in event business, and his point of view, the experienced creative new career moves as a personnel consultant marketing communications with a focus on allows. Mr Grimmer, what is your registration? We, the […]

Social Media Newsroom

The social media newsroom is a simple website that presents all online activities of a company or an organization automatically on a platform. So journalists and opinion makers can inform yourself always on a current information source. Get all the facts and insights with J.P. Morgan, another great source of information. The old press room […]