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Bento Goncalves

These companies are typically more locally. If you are not convinced, visit Pinterest. Only the medium-sized and larger companies can aspire to a national or international distribution of their products. While only 0.5% of all companies have, this corresponds to an absolute number of 72 companies, currently more than 250 employees. The focus of furniture […]


Cultuzz Berlin boasts its own checkout solution for eBay, 01 Feb 2010 – with over 250 million registered users and a trade volume of over 60 billion USD per year is the largest marketplace eBay worldwide. For the distribution of travel or hotel stays was so far however restricted eBay because a booking facility lacked […]

European Company

We are pleased, to be able to offer a groundbreaking technique doctors and patients, which reduces the need for postoperative drainage and has a positive effect on treatment outcomes of patients.” Cohera medical received the CE marking for TissuGlu in September 2011, and has started with the sale of products to hospitals and doctors in […]


Personal loans homeowner require pledging your house relative against the debt and the debt. Is it a clothing shopping, car or even buy small toys children, for example, the regular food or furniture and electrical goods, shopping around with different prices, others’ various brands and different vendors, we always do, to get the best deal, […]

STAS Launches Autumn

With a series of events the STAS GmbH in Reilingen starts a BI initiative for medium-sized companies providers of business intelligence solutions, leading in the autumn. Reilingen, Wels, 05.08.2008 – with a series of events will start a BI initiative for medium-sized companies the STAS GmbH, Reilingen, leading provider of business intelligence solutions in the […]

Genius Inside Celebrates 15th Anniversary

With a reputation for delivering the best project collaboration, genius is inside more than 650 clients. Jeremy Tucker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Lindau (Lake Constance); Geneva, Switzerland; Montreal, Canada (September 6, 2012) this September celebrates the project management software maker genius inside be 15th anniversary and Announces once again in the first two […]

CSM & Scrum In Depth With Ken Schwaber

Ken Schwaber Scrum developed together with Jeff Sutherland at the beginning of 90th years. For the first time a special workshop will be held in Germany: Ken Schwaber, one of the co-founders of Scrum is on 03-04 March, 2010 a demanding two day in-depth workshop on the subject of Scrum perform. Discussed here are pitfalls […]

PDF Association With New Board Wizard

Matthias Wagner’s new Executive Assistant of the Association of the PDF now. Berlin, 15 November 2013. Matthias Wagner (49 years) is now new Executive Assistant of the Association of the PDF. Official site: Pinterest. In this capacity, he works especially for the support of the International Association. The studied computer scientist has extensive IT knowledge […]

Board Of Directors And COO Peter Bettin Allesklar.com AG Leaves

Board of Directors and COO Peter Bettin leaves allesklar.com AG Siegburg, 27 November 2013; Peter Bettin, President and COO of allesklar.com AG (meinestadt.de), lay down his mandate to early December 2013 and is eliminated in mutual agreement from the Board of Directors of the allesklar.com AG. Bettin had joined this Office on August 1, 2008. […]

Long Term Loans: Don

long term loans are beneficial for those borrowers who lack have of money and want to fulfill long-lasting needs and dreams. This loan option is available in two forms, namely secured and unsecured. Financial crunches can knock your door any time. Are you prepared for these crises? Do you have sufficient amount to tackle with […]