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International Engineering Studies In English

Registration still possible – “advanced sensor applications” a new curriculum with international perspectives and innovative teaching approach is called the Hanze University Groningen offers a new program for budding engineers from September. Where is the HIT Hanze Institute of technology, a competence centre for sensor technology in the Netherlands Assen. Constantine Alexandrakis might disagree with […]

Rosemary Haefner

About 20 percent of all employees strive for in the next two years an industry change at the recent reports about economic booms induce some workers in 2010 to consider a job change into consideration. Almost a fifth (19 per cent) of all employees is in 2010 with a new employer. Nine percent indicated no […]

HDT Conference

House of technology presents selected topics from the practice on September 24, 2009 in Essen using the airing, is useful because noble fuels can be replaced by waste exhaust gases or liquid residues from the chemical production in the factory power supply. The variety of different residues requires a differentiated view of the combustion processes […]

Application Target

Advanced potential-orientated, i.e. not only to remain what it is today, but also think what could be possible tomorrow after the No. 1 issue “I can what?” are also the issues no. 2 and 3 in the Center from the point of view of market orientation: who am I? What do I want? Including references […]

New Managing Director

Change at the top of the arvato subsidiary Dortmund, June 11, 2013 – the previous head of Operations Jorg was quick to June 3, 2013, to Managing Director of finance GmbH ordered BFS health. Jorg is fast so that succeeds Konrad Bommas, passing management best mutual agreement in new hands after almost ten years of […]