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The Price

The laws of pricing and value for money or what not are different from the pricing and value of all other commodities. Product price is formed in the 'struggle' of individual systems 'buyer seller'. The outcome of this 'struggle' – the exchange rates and the birth of a particular product. You may find that Michael […]

Paid Surveys Tips

A very good way of making money online is to take a list of free paid surveys. These lists are available on the internet, and there are a lot of sites that offer this opportunity. It is possible to earn money simply by answering surveys, however if you do not do things in the right […]

Professor Pan Tszychana

New research into high performance materials, as a possible alternative to diamonds used in industry. Experiments of Chinese and German scientists. Until recently, the diamond, which is essentially a crystalline carbon, considered the most stable mineral, if not in the universe, at least on Earth. The carbon atoms are fused to it so tightly that […]