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Santa Claus

With native support, perhaps soon more than 50,000 people speak the rare language of the North. Unique University Ilisimatusarfik in Nuuk (Greenland) on Greenland, it is possible to study the Greenlandic administration, literature, culture and history. Other subjects are language and media. Classes held in Danish, because locals learn it as a second mother tongue. […]

The Services

The original idea was often to support the new business through excellent services. These services are really excellent, then the clients have recognized their usefulness, and have been willing performance directly or indirectly through higher product prices to reward this. Own marketing mix for the business field service services must be marketed professionally as any […]

Schweisfurth Foundation

Corporate governance and social responsibility joins a responsible corporate governance oriented today on the basic principle of a sustainable economic manner with a long-term perspective. Sustainable economies, means to take into account environmental considerations and social issues on an equal footing with its own economic interests. Goal of the CSR commitment is to leave an […]

Bavaria Style

Lacking the necessary self-confidence or the perfect gig finally succeed in professional and private life? As image consultant, has found your vocation woman Potsch and combines your professional expertise in the fields of beauty, fashion and lifestyle with my passion for color, fashion, style and proportions. The learned communication landlady and PR white consultant, what […]

Regional Marketing With Fachmann24.de

For enterprises which Couleur, the relation to the region plays an important role. Not only geographical proximity to customers, but the roots of the company as part of the region contributes to the brand value and increases the degree of familiarity. Here it is considered to be entrepreneurs and maintain specific regional marketing. The advantages […]


Sprints Michaela Ustorf motivated mentally emotionally brilliant in the sports arena Bottrop with the keynote address”motivated the former gymnast Michaela Ustorf in the sports arena Bottrop around 50 members of XING group Ruhr area. “The 37 year-old choice Essenerin with practical examples the seminar participants called on: do you dream again and think about it, […]

The Initial

You are E.g. owner, you always need a lawyer. This is inevitable: because to do who deal with legal transactions, will necessarily hit on other, equally concerned with. And already can conflicts be resolved legally must. Are you looking for a lawyer for your company? Private person or company, I would find a young lawyer […]

Logo Design Agency – Things To Consider

Logo design agency things to consider A corporate identity can speak volume about a business to the world. It is imperative identity for a business especially in such a fiercely competitive crowd struggling to make difficult of entrepreneur their mark on the world through whatever means possible, whether it is TVC, viral marketing or logo. […]

Accounting Services

The use of external accounting services is always a benefit. A bookkeeping service is a service or service company, which handles the accounting for other companies. This accounting service is attractive to many companies, because this enables the complete accounting work spared them. The majority of the accounting service company offers two different types of […]

Enforcement Of Receivables In The Switzerland And In The EU

High probability of bringing in the Switzerland of domestic and foreign creditors are not only a wide range of legal instruments to enforcing receivables available in the Switzerland, but it can also draw on Inkassodienstleister with innovative and efficient input methods for the Switzerland and the EU. High probability of bringing in the Switzerland are […]