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Wall Solution

60 min. Before plastering the wall surface is carefully cleaned steel brush off dust and dirt. If the seams are embroidered, they are choosing a depth of not less than 1 cm, so the solution is better behaved on the brickwork. Then you do provesku walls. This work is very laborious. To ease her, do […]

Construction Principle

During the construction of roads and air bases by mixing soil with cementitious materials directly on the canvas under construction prior to mixing to profile the soil surface bulldozers, graders or special profilers. Using bulldozers, graders, or even with the automatic control systems working bodies (blade) type 'Profile', 'layer' does not give the desired flatness […]


Dry warm floor without any problems and constant repair – the dream of every person. In order to improve technology and reduce the cost of floor heating manufacturers are constantly developing and producing new and innovative solutions. On Today, there are several types of floor heating, each of which has specific advantages and is used […]

Revolutionary Breakthrough

After 16 years of intensive research in laboratories, and numerous practice tests and field trials, the company managed to produce Remmers absolute breakthrough in silicate technology. For the first time it became possible to develop products with unusually high resistance, which in this case are simple and application availability in the price. New silicate technology […]