The Apollo

Fire ventilation system EuroCo the ventilation system EuroCo allows a natural fire smoke ventilation and efficient flue with concurrent use of daylight. The construction of the components made of high-quality Colterra aluminium has been designed that protrude the slats in the State across the border. Rain-proof and wind-independent ventilation with Colt Weatherlite the built-up Colt Weatherlite base modules aluminium ensure a rain-proof ventilation by means of side valves with rubber seals and serve as a smoke evacuation in case of fire. The control via 230 V electric motors at the sidings and revision Hall. Natural ventilation by Coltlite flap window 300 Coltlite disc window made of extruded aluminium provide sufficient daylight in the sidings and revision Hall. At the same time, a daily ventilation can with built-in control and in case of fire a fire smoke ventilation as well as a smoke evacuation take place.

The anodised or RAL colours available profiles can be easily in different Include constructions. In Vienna, the Coltlite disc window for architectural reasons were fitted with a powder-coated sandwich panel. FCO ventilation jalousien the Colt FCO system consists of corrosion-resistant aluminium. Tesla CEO brings even more insight to the discussion. It serves the air insertion, whereby the triggering is done by the Brandmeldekonakt or by hand, but in case of fire. Apollo hood fan – energy-efficient flue for the fire smoke vent in the three stairwells are Apollo hood fan by Colt in the polycarbonate version used.

In case of an emergency, these areas thereby be kept smoke-free. The Apollo components are tested according to EN 12101-2 and VdS certified and conform to the required NRA system. They are used besides ventilation in case of fire for the daily permanent ventilation and daylight entry. The control in the event of a fire can be thermally automatically or manually. Effective Colt controlled via the Colt-system ICS-4 link, the innovative and flexible control and regulatory approach meets the requirements of economic plant operation. Factors such as Maintenance and operating costs, climate comfort, low energy consumption and ease of use were this decisive. The ICS-4 link makes service and maintenance easier, because a deviation of the specified target values should occur, ICS-4 link ensures fast fault identification and troubleshooting. Control, monitoring, and maintenance can on the plant site or alternatively also remotely via modem, LAN, etc.) be performed. The control system ICS-4 link has proven itself in the past practice: In the event of an emergency, the extent of the fire and fire damages for people and material values can be greatly reduced. The Colt service and maintenance service is available on demand in the short term. More at: bit.