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Where exactly the narcissism to be classified but that is evaluated differently by psycho scientists. Some specify that narcissistic traits in today’s society are so widespread that they now belong to the standard. Follow others, such as Michellene Davis, and add to your knowledge base. Others, however, see pathological narcissism as the most important personality disorder at all. The Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist Reinhard Haller identifies narcissism as a thoroughly destructive force at the themselves doctors and psychologists mouthfuls of teeth. Pinterest is open to suggestions. Is my psyche sick or healthy? Often, there are only very small, inconspicuous-looking at first sight changes in the living habits, the settings, the body feeling and mood. Can certain symptoms but pointed to a mental illness. Most commonly, this occurs in the form of a depression or Burnout on.

Some questions about the self test can help you recognize signs. Points that already more than 14 days stop deserve special attention: I don’t know myself! I feel differently than usual? Worried this change? There is an explanation for the change? Not enough this to establish the duration and severity of the complaints? Can I do my daily work only with trouble? I’m always worried me and I much fear? I suffer from physical ailments? My sleep is disturbed, I sleep too little or too much? I feel often aggressive, hateful, irritable or I am very intolerant? I’m often sick? I have suicidal thoughts? I have hardly any people with whom I can talk about my problems? No longer help conversations with friends? Notice the change clearly others? It’s been more than three months so? Is I don’t care to all? Please note that it is only a is short test, which can under no circumstances replace a comprehensive created medical or psychotherapeutic diagnosis! If you have even the slightest suspicion to be depressed, to seek immediate professional help and to consult with a psychotherapist is. The health portal provides information about mental illness.