The Body

This unique "geeks" with a twisted logic inside out. The whole point is that life is not harmful. And not all bad. For example, grated carrots in the morning on an empty stomach is very even useful. :-))) So, starting with small, sometimes have to step by step, to refute any ordinary stupidity. Anyone can practice your sanity, remembering that there is still a healthy, except for grated carrots on an empty stomach. Some drive themselves in intellectual dead end, when for some reason come to the conclusion that you need to do something that he wants the body itself. "This body wants to smoke – so be it! Hence, I do not want to throw smoking, because I love to smoke! "And then those smokers with the satisfaction that they will not quit, because they love to smoke. If this is due to really desire, then this one. And if such findings are based on the mental work when the man himself was driving himself to a standstill, while wanting to quit, then contradicted these findings as follows. The fact that it is not always necessary to do what he wants the body. Who said that we always need to to do what he wants the body? When drug addiction following in the wake of its dependencies is fraught with grave consequences. Even in normal people often have to go against their wishes, otherwise he would become a long- animal. Among the young is very common known: "Who does not smoke or drink, he die." Error here is that to quit smoking and do not intend to live forever. Quit smoking not because they are going live forever. Because it is impossible. Often quit smoking, so as not to hurt. That is, people want quality of life. People do not want to live forever, but want to live well and be healthy at the same time make it even better. :-))) So people have something to lose. Their lives are filled with their interests, and full of meaning. But when the meaningfulness of life is not achieved, then the popular views that will still all die. Therefore, it is more typical of the young. Reasons for quitting may be set. For example, another important factor may be the nature of the process of dying. Who wants to die in agony is very painful and long, for example, in the terminal stage of cancer? And who wants to die quickly and painlessly For example, in a dream just old age? Of course, many do not think about it. But if thinking, then got maybe a good argument for not smoking. Because when they realize that everything has a beginning and an end, then do not go hung, "sagely" thinking that "all the same die." And realize that life is one, and you have to live with dignity, taking in a maximum of this great gift – life.