The Desires

… Increasingly aware of the futility of their existence, lack of meaning in life, I feel devastated, confused … Yes, everyone has their reasons … But life went on in nakatannomu: childhood, youth, education, work, vacation, work, work … And in brewing: Why me? Who are these people? why they gave me less and less like? And still further: And that's it – all ?!…

That's going to happen until …? And one day: 'That's it! Tired! This – not my world! Mine – must be different! " We get hit by life, and run them in a quiet place where we can get at least some of the rest is dumped on the problems we face. There are those who see the sense in that no chase the good things of life and settle down and enjoy what is really missing it. But the life of the human race is arranged so that they never get complete satisfaction: a carrot tied to a stick, always will hang in front of a donkey. People disappearing hope. Only yesterday they were confident that caught the wind in their sails and began his master. But no, it's just for a moment he was on the road … Uncertainty undermines the virus seemingly strong aspirations to achieve a better standard of living. We're starting to think that everything we do, in vain.

And many feel a widening void, protested against it inside. And some, having experienced the strongest internal earthquake, expressing the most extreme form of protest – leave this life. Everything about what we're talking – about the desires of man.