The Difference

III-DIFERENCIANDO BODY/SPIRIT 1) the espritos in the bodies I have a body, harms I am a spirit. Then my spirit inhabits in my body. When express I, am my spirit who I speak with the facultieses of my body. You obtain to see and to palpar my body, harms – 3 – you will not obtain to see my spirit, because true I am a spirit that deferred payment inside of my body. My body is simply the house where it inhabits my spirit. One day my body will die and come back to the dust.

Harms I, the spirit never will die therefore, come back to the God of where I came. He confers Ec 12.7. I, (my spirit) am a personality. I (my spirit), express me through my body. If my body (substance) was taken off of me (that I am spirit, what says and thinks) could not express the body. Then, cut is my language, and my body will not be able to express. He destroys my ears, and I (spirit) will not be able to hear.

He blinds my eyes and I (spirit) will not be able to see; Much even so my eyes were blind, my deaf ears, my removed language, still thus I it (spirit) will be present or conscientious because of the mind. He amputates my legs and arms, he destroys my olfato and my vocal ropes, and still thus you would not have destroyed me (my spirit who are immortal). I could express me, without leaving some sound through the body that is perishable. Thus, I (the spirit) would have a body (substance), harms its facultieses of expression I would have been destroyed. Agra you can understand what I want to say to speech on the difference between it (spirit), and my body (substance). 2) Espritos without bodies the demons they are malignant espritos unprovided of bodies with which they could express in this world.