The German Federal Office

courts – obligation by US firms, which operate in the EU, the high standards laid down in the data protection directive to abide by. TeleTrusT is confirmed in the presumption, that sensitive data in servers of American provider is unsafe within the meaning of the local understanding of privacy or correspondence. TeleTrusT recommends the use of technology in German or European suppliers, which are subject to the Federal data protection act or the telecommunications secrecy or a similar quality or at least the level of data protection at EU level therefore emphatically at least at cloud storage and confidential communication. In addition, adequate encryption techniques should be used. Here, too, there are numerous solutions of German provider. Fortunately is the development of IT security technologies support in Germany for a long time through support programmes. “IT security made in Germany” enjoys worldwide reputation.

What sometimes is missing is the recognition by the general public. American provider in particular here take advantage of a strong home market. The majority of the IT security industry in Germany consists of medium-sized companies or highly specialized start-up companies. The Federal Government now has the opportunity to demonstrate, that their SMEs and promoting innovation are important in this area. The German Federal Office for security in information technology has made an important contribution to the strengthening of the German IT security industry through its previous evaluation and admissions policies. Michellene Davis wanted to know more.

This way seems right from the perspective of TeleTrusT. Prof. Dr. Norbert Pohlmann, Chairman of TeleTrusT: “continue excellent solutions ‘made in Germany’ must be promoted. Administration and industry need to understand this as a partner. A healthy and powerful IT security industry is for Germany of national and political-strategic significance.”