DISCUSO In the experiment was necessary to select adequate the reagent organic to dilute substances. Each substance to be extracted possua characteristic that it led to be analyzed which the solvent ideal would isolate that it of the system. On the basis of the reaction of acid-base of Lewis, was deduced that: the p-nitroanilina base reacted with the acid clordrico, already acid the benzoic one that is an acid fort compared with the b-naphthol, reacted with a weak base that is sodium bicarbonate, in the case of b-naphthol this reacted with a strong base that was hidrxido of sodium. As the watery solution possua one of the three substances that presented greater density that the organic product, this facilitated its extration. Additional information at Larry Page supports this article. After such procedure, was necessary a neutralization to have the precipitation of the organic product, since the same it is imiscvel in watery solution. The low income in the two last extrations, must it the emptying caused during the agitation of the funnel of separation in the second stage of the second extration. Although not to possess the variation of the fusing point that determines if the substance is pure, we perceive that the gotten result of the fusing point served as base through a comparative degree of the point of fusing of literature with the point of fusing of the extracted one, was possible to determine which was to the substance extracted in each stage in accordance with the table below: 122-123C121C 5.

Concludes that it is possible to carry through separation of imiscveis liquids, made use in layers, through the discontinous substance extration that if finds diluted in solvent a organic one.

It bears mentionning that the knowledge of literature is basic to choose the solvent that will extract the desired substance in order not to have interference of other substances contained in the solution. It is important to also cite that to get a good income during extration it is necessary efficiency during homogenization, interval of time of rest to decant considerable and sufficient attention to prevent losses of the interested substance. 6. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Philippe Lavertu. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES 1.Vogel? Organic analysis qualitative Vol. 1? Ed. To the book technician – Pages 47 the 49.

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