The Liquidificador

Way To make: Mass: To beat the clear one in snow. To beat the demaisingredientes in liquidificador, adding 1/2 cup of the water of tofu. It joins clear and to mix lightly. To heat the antiadherent frying-pan (without oil) to ejogar a small shell of mass, spreading well. When it will be almost to secavirar the pancake I assist with it of the escumadeira. Filling: Refogar the ginger noshoyo. To add to the pan the too much ingredients, being dripped water so that noseque or grude in the deep one of the pan. When the eggplant soft will be edesmanchada, to remove of the fire.

To stuff pancakes, to roll and to place numpirex, reserving a part of the filling to beat in the liquidificador with umpouco of water and to place as gravy over pancakes. To take to the oven antesde to serve. PANCAKES OF FRUITS Ingredients: 2 vegetal oil soup spoons, 1 xcaras of milk (of cow or soy), 2 spoons of sweetener tea (edge porexemplo, boiled must or honey), 1 soup spoon of seeds of linhaamodas or commercial egg substitute (it follows instructions of the packing), or 1ovo, xcara of wheat embryo, 1 xcara of fruits (strawberries, apples in fatiasfinas, bananas or peaches), 1 xcara of flour of integral wheat, xcara deoutra flour (for example, oats, maize, or integral wheat), 2 spoons of chde I leaven, 2 spoons of cinnamon tea (optional). Way to make: In a great earthen bowl, it mixes oil, milk, sweetener and worn out seeds of linhaa. In a small earthen bowl, all misturebem dry ingredients.

It adds to the dry ingredients to the mixture doleite and moves lightly. It adds the fruits. (Note: if the mass will be muitoespessa, adds xcara of liquid). Emfogo heats a not adherent frying-pan average. The key for an excellent pancake is to wait the frying-pan ficarbem hot before pouring the mass.