The Looney Tunes Sports Party Goes On Tour Throughout Germany!

In ten cities promise the event action, fun and game for kids Hamburg, after going the Looney Tunes sports party great success in April 2008 last year on tour throughout Germany. Let’s go on May 10 at the kid Festival in Kiel. The Looney Tunes sports party is an initiative of Warner Bros. Consumer products, the General German dance teacher association (ADTV), the Barmer health insurance fund, the State Institute for Fruhpadagogik.IFP and the platform nutrition and movement e.V. (peb) “.” The 24-hour cartoon channel Boomerang supports the sports party as exclusive TV partner. To the Looney Tunes sports party tour is no registration required. All interested children is simply to drag their favorite sport dress and can immediately participate. 2007 the Looney Tunes sports party was carried out successfully in over 500 schools in Germany.

The events in the cities give children the chance to become acquainted with the exciting and action-packed Looney Tunes course now. The aim of the event is, with The popular and famous Looney Tunes characters help children between six and ten years enjoyment of healthy movement to convey and support for health and physical development. The children will complete a comprehensive course with a total of six stations in the including target assets, balance, strength, speed, agility, endurance and team spirit are needed. Younger visitors can look forward to a varied programme with lots of fun and game. Regardless of whether the Silvester Catwalk, Tweetys bouncy castle, Roadrunner trail, or the Speedy Gonzales children driving school: each station on the course will be presented by a character in the Looney Tunes. These belong to the most popular TV classics in the cartoon world for decades and are sympathetic to young and old.

Whether Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Tweety, Speedy Gonzales and Daffy Duck are the popular comic hero feisty, clever, and always in action. With wit and quickness fascinate and entertain the children and are therefore ideal to for more sports inspire and also a lot of fun to teach. “” “” “The tour stations at a glance: KIEL: May 10-12 at the kid Festival OBERHAUSEN: May 17-18 in Oberhausen at Hits4Kids” MuNSTER: May 30 – June 1 at the euro City Festival “LEIPZIG: June 6-8 at the WIESBADEN City Festival: July 2-6 in the days of fun sports” BERLIN: July 19-20 at the children and Youth Festival MARL LOEMuHLE: 27 July at the Panda holiday Festival “Munich: August 15-16 at the Olympic Park in DORTMUND: September 6-7 in Hits4Kids” TRIER”: 13 September at Trier plays” on Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the leading licensing and merchandising company in the world.