The Morning

For example, when I must go to the bank to make any type of transaction that I must do it first thing of the day because after certain hour the bank fills and can get to lose all the morning. If I must study for an examination I do it first and soon if I have left time I enter Internet to see my emails or I am going away to make sport. That not always are possible to think about the things by the one of importance, but also that a plan of one or the other class to make in the first place the things main is worth infinitely but that to improvise by the way. N3 habit: ” When you have a problem, resulvelo immediately. if tenes the data necessary to make a decision, you are not posponing your decisiones” In a group that I had to integrate the year last in my university, eramos 5 companions and we met to discuss on diverse subjects related to a work that we had to present/display. We discussed many problems but we did not get to make decisions. Everything was in the air without finishing.

The result was that each tapeworm that to go to its house with many problems to solve. Finally our coordinating Professor persuaded to us so that we speak of a subject per time and make a decision before happening to another subject. The decision could consist of doing something or not to do anything. After behind schedule discussing and making decisions, we did not have left but subjects that to solve and all the members of the group we went contentments to take soda waters. N4 habit: ” It learns a to organize, to delegate and supervisar” Many people of businesses go to a premature death because they have learned to delegate the responsibility in others and never insist on doing it all of them. Filed under: Kevin Ulrich. mpany-with-significant-outside-financing/’>ARC Investment Partners. The result: the details and pass them to the confusion through above.

They feel quickly impelled by a strong sensation, preoccupation, anxiety and tension. It is difficult to delegate responsibilities. But by but difficult that she is, the head must make it to avoid the tension, the preoccupation and the fatigue.