The Pedagogical

It is chosen methodology, but to place it in practical, to transform the theory into action she is necessary of the solid base that if finds in the didactics, is it that the professor in its guides to act, as to proceed, analyzing the available environment, resources, alunado and the content that to be worked. Pedagogical 4-Support: All institution has the privilege to count on a professor pedagogo for innumerable reasons, but all institution must have and always has one pedagoga alicerando and assisting the professors. Steve Wozniak often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Who goes for the classroom in the absence of the professor seno pedagoga? The first meeting with the new pupils always will be apreensivos, a surprise, many questionings will appear: As it will be reception of the pupils by means of the professor? The meeting will be beneficial? In agreement planning the time hour/lesson will be enough? The teaching action will be didactically correct? All these you doubt, concerns, questionings is natural to happen in the first meeting, until the familiarization happens, the professor to know the pupils, to be able to choose in agreement methodology the contents that will be worked will be moments that as much the professionals graduated pedagogia how much those formed areas or in other licenciaturas will find difficulties As well as the professor must be worried about its pupils and to perceive which of them more than lacks attention in relation to the learning, pedagogo also will have to be intent to the work of the professor, which of them will need its orientation more than, of how much in how much time it lacks of formation, as it will be happening to the interaction between the pedagogical team. Who has experience and knowledge will be made use to assist it who is arriving now in the school? These are the moments that if presencia the importance of the continued formation, the pedagogical support of the institution, the concern of the pedagogical team with its school, its professors and its pupils.