The Placement

Strangely enough, but with this kind of plumbing know almost everyone, perhaps not knowing it. The thing is that because of low heat resistance of plastic pipes in the home not used, but the elements of these pipes are in the majority of Russian bath and kitchen rooms. To see them, enough to look under the sink basin and look at the curved pipe plumbing drain (siphon). Yes, if you do not have metal, so – plastic. This is – one of the most vulnerable domestic plumbing fixtures, by reason already mentioned above – the low heat resistance. At the same time replacement of the drainage device made of plastic (a detailed description of these and other plumbing fixtures see below) provides the easiest.

If the damage is one of the components of plum you can eliminate damage on their own, without resorting to professional help, simply by replacing broken parts with new. It's enough to override the flat water, go to the store, supplying the population of household plumbing appliances, buy the needed part or full set, go home, unwind a plastic device, insert a new part to replace the old, carefully collect the unit in reverse order (it is quite easy), paying attention to the placement of flat pads, and back on the water. Under the repaired pipe in advance, place a bucket, just in case, and make sure that the more you have no leaks. That's all the repairs. Now actually talk about plastic plumbing fixtures, giving her as much as possible, a complete characterization.