The Polar Beer

The Polar Beer production began in Venezuela in 1941 with the establishment of the first floor of the company in Ant mano west of Caracas. In 1950 due to the success of Polar beer able to establish a second plant in eastern Venezuela in Barcelona. In 1951 opened another plant in the city of Caracas with a storage capacity of 500 thousand liters per month in addition to market launch later Malta Maltin Polar Polar market leader in this segment until today. Corey Ribotsky In 1954 with the intention to diversify the business and cut costs in the production of beers Remavenca believe that the company starts to produce corn flakes for producing beer in 1960 Remavenca your product launches Harina PAN for arepas, this brand still remains a market leader. In 1961, inaugurating the fourth floor of Polar in the country, intended to supply the western Andean region with headquarters in Maracaibo.In 1977 comes the Polar Foundation, renamed years later as Fundaci n Empresas Polar, playing an important role as a social arm of the company. This organization has been remarkable for his social commitment as being planner and executor of his initiatives in health, nutrition, basic education, Education for Employment, Science and Technology and Community Development. In 1978 he opened the fifth floor of Polar, this time in San Joaquin with a capacity of 12 million liters per month, becoming the largest brewery in Latin America. In 1986, rice production began. Empresas Polar Ice EFE acquire companies in 1987 and Refreshments Golden in 1992. Empresas Polar established a partnership with PepsiCo for the production and distribution of Pepsi around the country, in 1996 and further launches her first Polar Light lager. By 2000, Empresas Polar’s business focuses all its non-carbonated soft drinks including mineral water Minalba Pepsi-Cola in Venezuela.In 2001 the company acquired Mavesa and also launch new light beer called Polar Ice. Already in 2003 the subsidiaries Primor Mavesa and food producers are concentrated in Polar Foods. In 2004 Solera Ligth hits stores today one of the largest-selling beers in Venezuela with Polar Ice.