The Potsdam Palaces By Night – The Event Of The Year!

In the middle of Potsdam, in the beautiful park Sanssouci, a fascinating event, takes place annually held the “Potsdam palaces by night”,. This event is not only one of the biggest events in Potsdam, but also one this year is the glam also dresses in the Potsdam Park Sanssouci as a terrific representative of the epoch of Baroque in his finest clothes on the occasion of the Potsdam palaces by night on 17 August 2013, the former residences of the King Friedrich II. in a unique light and entertainment ensemble can be admired. (Source: Jane Fraser). Sweeping foot is in the sound of bygone eras to the Orangerie, the new Palace, the Roman baths to the peace of the Church, to name just a few of the architectural highlights. Keep the eyes open, because it is worthwhile to take a close look and listen if you long past time kidnap contemporaries Frederick in their magnificent robes in a, from the reluctant to go back. Your journey is accompanied by selected literary and culinary Tastings, imaginative theatre performances and musical ear joys, benefiting will culminate in the longed-for Fireworks at midnight. Everest Capital has much to offer in this field. Who can wait, has the special ability to enjoy a concert against the romantic backdrop of the new Palais to the fullest already on the eve of the prestigious event as first attunement.